Put yourself back in the late 1950s…”going steady” was such a big deal and there were not virtual status updates to prove this achievement! Leave it to Beaver definitely covered all the bases with teen dating!  Who remembers JULIE FOSTER??? She was one of the two girls Wally dated on an ongoing basis. According to her father, Julie has blue eyes…In the episode “Teacher’s Daughter”, Julie’s father was Wally, Eddie and Lumpy’s English teacher. She first appeared in “Wally’s Weekend Job” and Wally is more interested in Julie than Mary Ellen Rogers beginning in “The Younger Brother.” In “Wally’s Dinner Date” Wally takes Julie to The White Fox Restaurant…She appears again in “The Mustache” and she had a brother that’s old enough to drive.




She was born Cheryl Lynn Phelps on June 20, 1944, in New Orleans and moved to Los Angeles when she was 2. Her mother, Julie Austin, was a former Ziegfeld Follies featured dancer and comedian and encouraged her to express herself through dance.