The 1950s and the stream of child actors! Leave it to Beaver was certainly responsible for paving the way for brilliant careers and timeless entertainment! Let’s look at LARRY!!

Larry was played by child actor Robert “Rusty” Stevens. He appears in 68 of the show’s 234 episodes over the first few seasons. Although Larry is mentioned in the premiere episode, “Beaver Gets ‘Spelled”, it isn’t until the eighth episode, “Beaver’s Crush”, that he actually makes an appearance. Larry is Theodore “Beaver” Cleaver’s chubby, not very bright classmate and best friend distinguished for his apple-eating, candy bar-munching habits. Larry has a knack for leading Beaver astray and getting him into trouble.


Larry’s mother, Margaret (portrayed by Madge Blake), is a nervous, exasperated parent, whose husband is so perennially out-of-town on business, the phrase “If your father were home . . .” comes out of her mouth, at some point, in almost every episode in which she appears. Mrs. Mondello sometimes takes Larry to Beaver’s father for discipline. Larry’s father makes one brief appearance, however; he is seen talking to Larry backstage in the second season episode, “School Play”. Larry has older siblings, including a married brother and an unmarried 18-year-old sister (age mentioned in the 3rd season) and a little brother mentioned in the 1958 Episode ‘Beaver & Henry’ who live at home. In one episode, Mrs. Mondello catches Larry and Beaver reading Larry’s sister’s diary. Reports from various characters on the show indicate Larry’s home life is one of “hollering” and physical punishments.