One of the most significant film series in pop culture history…errr…in movie history in general: The ROCKY Film Series!! Take a second and just think, at a glance, about the amazing list of supporting actors that have come through the productions over the decades! It really is quite the surreal list! Everything from established, seasoned veterans of the Hollywood circuit to professional boxers to family members! When looking at the list of supporting actors some don’t even realize that these “actors” were actually professionals! Right down to Paulie…he isn’r a “boxer” in the film series but did you know that he was a professional boxder, pre-Rocky? And, of Course, some of the boxers in the film came from the professional ring! Who better to play the role of “boxer ” than a real BOXER! This awesome story is just one of those amazing cases…take a look!

Union Cane was a boxer from New Jersey, who was the top contender when Rocky gave up his Heavyweight title belt in the 1990 film Rocky V. Cane eventually won the belt, but was considered to be a paper champion by the public. In Rocky V, he was beaten, more like, completely dismantled, in the boxing ring by Tommy Gunn.