Tony Dow Welcomes Us into His Studio!

Tony Dow was born in Hollywood, California in 1945. Exposed to creative parents and a home frequently filled with his parents’ eccentric and artistic friends, it was no surprise that Tony developed a love for art. At an early age, he showed an unusual talent for imaginative abstract composition and drawing.


Nestled in the gorgeous hills of Topanga California Tony and his beautiful wife Lauren have taken a Topanga cookie cutter house and created an artist retreat! They moved into this “drywall box” and together they constructed a masterpiece, by hand! But we aren’t here to talk about how beautiful their house is (which it is amazing!) but we are here to focus on Tony’s passion…his sculpting!
In the early 2000’s, Tony began creating beautiful designs produced from burlwood. Some have been sold as original wood sculptures and others have been cast in bronze. Tony’s talent in the area of modern sculpture was confirmed when one of his bronzes was chosen for exhibition at the Salon 2008 de la National des Beaux Arts in Paris. He was one of only two U.S. sculptors selected to exhibit at this annual juried show at the Carrousel du Louvre. Tony also has exhibited at the Karen Lynne Gallery, Topanga Canyon Gallery and the Morgan Gallery.


Tony and Lauren frequently hike the rolling landscape of Topanga canyon in search for fallen trees. That is where the “good stuff” comes from. Attached to these fallen trees Tony finds chunks of Burl that he cuts from the tree and takes back to his studio for proper drying. The BURL of a tree is the gnarled places where limbs and roots connect to a tree trunk. And then the magic begins!
Tony often jokes about how when he first started out carving, purely out of passion, he had a few chisels and rasps. Now adding machinery and all sorts of crazy tools to the mix things get all complicated! But that’s ok…Tony is no stranger to rolling his sleeves up and getting deep into his work!


Tony has been carving out a new career, as a sculptor with pieces that have shown at numerous venues, including what is arguably the world’s premier art museum—the Louvre in Paris.
Tony is constantly creating and recently exhibited in Florida with a few of his fellow artists who also happen to be celebrities of note! He is currently represented by Silver Screen Artists and you can go to their website to see a lot of his current work that is available for sale!

Check it out here!  Tony at SILVER SCREEN ARTISTS



A lot of Tony’s Sculptures started out as wood carvings but he decided to step it up a few notches and delve into the world of bronze casting! This is a whole new world to a sculptor! The pieces are still carved out of wood, the way he originally sculpted, then they are cast using the lost wax process at the foundry.


A heat-resistant mold is formed around the wood original and encased in plaster. Once dry, the mold is separated into two pieces and the wood original is removed. There is obviously a little more to it…but that is the bullet point version!
Tony is such a believer in bettering the environment in which we walk…so much that he is no stranger to “repurp-ing”…Re-purpose art has caught a lot of attention over the years because it shows that people are trying to step up and do something for their environment. Basically a re-purp project consists of taking elements from discarded items, things many people may consider “trash” or “beyond repair” and giving them new life!


~This is not the primary focus of Dow’s artwork but it certainly is on his mind when he sets out to start a piece. He has been quoted as saying the best part of any project is the conceptual phase before the “work” begins!

So is there any limit to Tony’s skillset? From accomplished swimmer and trampoline exhibitionist in the junior olympics to Actor to Writer to producer to director to ARTIST? Not to mention Tony is an all around amazing guy with a beautiful family! He and his wife Lauren have beautiful grandchildren who they love spending time with! So, NO, there is no limit to the skillset of Mr. Dow, our “forever Wally”, at least we haven’t seen such a limit!